Personalized products made of high-quality, safe materials

personalized products made of high-quality, safe materials

WiW products were designed by a transgender person who perfectly knows the needs of potential buyers. Each of them is hand-made and personalized so that the future owner can experience 100% gender euphoria. We are open to suggestions and ideas. If you have a crazy project on your mind, do not be afraid, do not be shy and write us an e-mail and we will do our best to make you the Willie of your dreams. The company is constantly developing and with time new products will appear, such as STP (Stand To Pee) - standing pee villas.

Are you still wondering where is Willy?

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Have you ever wondered ...

Where is Willy

Personalized products made of high-quality materials that are safe in contact with the skin. Willy4Fun will prove itself as an interesting companion of intimate moments, regardless of your gender or orientation. And if you struggle with dysphoria, it will definitely help you in your fight!


Who are we?

WiW is the company created by people for people. 

I am transgender!

Willy is for everyone!

Safety first and foremost!

WiW - Where is Willy

 - this company was founded on the initiative of a transgender boy named Ksawery, who since 2020 has been running a podcast about the unusual everyday life of transgender people living in Poland. The guiding principle behind the creation of WiW was the introduction to the market of high-quality personalized products at affordable prices, so that anyone who wanted to find their Willy could buy it without leaving home. The products are dedicated to transgender people, but of course everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, can feel comfortable with us. WiW is a shop more than LGBT + friendly. We attach great importance to making everyone feel safe here. The products you receive from us will always be distributed discreetly and their content will be between us 🙂

Każdy Willy jest wykonany z wysokiej jakości certyfikowanego silikonu:

  • BIOCOMPATIBILITY - has been tested for skin irritation - can be safely used for skin contact and penetration

  • DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY - can be used for the production of prosthetic lei, prostheses, orthoses

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If you have any questions, doubts or ideas for new, original designs, don't be shy and write! 

We are at your disposal